June 16, 2020 Chris Johnson

Devotion - Pay Careful Attention!

When Jesus calls attention to something in scripture, it’s time to really dig in!

Here he’s been explaining that there is more to listening than hearing(v10). Then He gives us a beautiful picture of what obedience looks like. That if we’ve truly heard Him, it will make us want to obey Him. As we’ve been in the study on the discipline of meditation, we’ve learned that meditation is hearing and obeying the voice of God. I encourage you to analyze your heart. Is is open to receive all that He’s saying, or is it full of other frivolous things? You won’t regret dumping all that in favor of more of Him!

Scripture - Luke 8:18 TPT

“Pay careful attention to your hearts as you hear my teaching, for to those who have open hearts, even more revelation will be given to them until it overflows. And for those who do not listen with open hearts, what little light they imagine to have will be taken away.” 

Devotion - Pay attention to my gentle nudge. 

Beloved, I am teaching you how to discern my voice. Many seek for an outward sound when what they need is to tap into the reality of my Spirit within. My voice doesn’t always come in the way you expect it. It often alights upon your thoughts as an idea or image. At times, it is random and spontaneous. It never contradicts my Word but flows in perfect synchronicity with it. It leads you to do the seemingly impossible. It flows with compassion, love, and forgiveness. It is wisdom that defies reasoning. It is sometimes outrageous—filled with faith that beckons you to act. Or to rest. When you pay attention to these gentle nudges that rise within you, miracles have the chance to greet your day. Impossible situations find solutions. Those needing prayer have immediate covering, because you sense me asking you to pray. Favor surprises you, because you followed the leading of my Spirit and ran into that person I needed you to meet. Never dismiss the random thoughts, it very often is a breakthrough waiting to happen!


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